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Ship sets sail for Glasgow in new eclectic stage adventure

SHIP AHOY: Cargo, Camera... Action!, by the 85A theatrical collective and Glasgow Film, is taking place on the Clyde Amphitheatre. Picture: Eoin Carey


nd you are invited to meet them.

This may not seem like a particularly attractive prospect but it will also be the chance, if you choose to be in the audience, to be extras in what would appear to be an extraordinary film. This is an invitation to attend one of the most unusual events of the Culture 2014 celebrations.

Cargo, Camera…Action! is a multi-disciplinary theatrical and film show devised by the 85A theatrical collective and Glasgow Film, as well featuring contributions from Minty Donald, Nick Millar, Eilidh MacAskill, Chris Leslie and Torsten Lauschmann.

At the centre of the show, on 26 July only, will be a new boat, built by 85A – a Glasgow collective which boasts a core team of 12 artists, expanding to 30 for this show, their biggest yet. Ostensibly a Russian cruise ship, it will be both the stage set for the closing scenes of a movie in which the audience will be extras, and a cinema which will show films for an hour later in the evening. The whole show will take place on the Clyde Amphitheatre, the small semi-circular bowl of steps off Clyde Street, near the red pedestrian bridge, in Glasgow’s city centre.

Although it was inspired by newspaper reports of a “boat of cannibal rats heading for Britain” earlier this year (the 4,250-tonne, 300ft Lyubov Orlova) artists in 85A are not keen on releasing details of what exactly will happen to the audience once they take part. Agent B, a member of the group (who may or may not be 85A member Becky Anson), said: “The audience plays an integral role in Cargo, Camera… Action! The more the better, we hope there will be 300 audience actors there. We cannot say what they will be doing but it is not scary, there is nothing to be alarmed about. It is all to do with sound.”

The mock film set will be replete with a director, runners and producers, as well as catering. But it is not chaos: the entire event has been strictly scripted and workshopped in advance. So, apart from the danger presented by the hungry rats, the audience should be in safe hands.

The show will include hourly theatrical concerts from 2.30pm to 8.30pm, with music from the folk music of Gypsy Romania, the club music of Golden Teacher, the surf guitar/garage rock of Halfrican, the ska tunes of Capone & The Bullets as well as Mungo’s Hi-Fi.

The venue is one that has not been used too often in recent years but is a suitable size for the large wooden ship and its contents.


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